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Riesling Eiswein (375ml)

Riesling Eiswein (375ml)
50,00 € each


This ice was a challenge: We have read it before sunrise at minus 15 ° C on January 7!

Due to the extremely low temperatures that also could freeze in the berry the last drop of water, a Eiswein has given us with the record must weight of 280 ° Oe by nature. From the winepress "leaked" only very slowly like honey, the juice, a high concentrate of sweetness, acidity and aromas.

Ice wines are particularly popular as an aperitif or with dessert, or supplemented with a dry Riesling sparkling wine reception.

By creating long shelf life, they are very suitable as a memento of a special vintage.

This makes them a wonderful gift as the birth of a child or as a reminder of the wedding or Acquaintance year, or ... or just to enjoy it with special pleasure itself.

We also have other vintages in our treasury, ask us!

Volume: 375 ml (€ 133.33 / l.)

Wine number: 8740

Allergens: Contains sulfites

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